Monster Factory Pro Wrestling: October 25th

 The matches for this Saturday at the world famous #MonsterFactory

Mikey Webb defends the Super Sonic Championship against WAR!

#Benchmark Bill Daly vs Shaheem Ali

4 Way Elimination Match! Monster Mash Melee!
Greywolf vs Ahtu vs Nick Comoroto vs Wildman Kongo!

Eddie Bandido Jr vs Rikki Roxx

Cliff Compton & The Blue Meanie vs The Factory’s Finest

Paid in Full’s Chad Kensington vs Good News Hughes

Luis The Punisher Martinez defends the #MonsterFactory #ProWrestling Heavyweight Championship against 6 X All American, Billy Damiana!

All this and much more!

Tickets are $20 & $10 for children 12 & under. Tickets are available at the door!

Doors open at 6 pm and action starts at 7pm!

The world famous Monster Factory is located at 541 Mantua Ave in Paulsboro NJ 08066


Don’t forget that the ticket for our Saturday event is also good for admittance the very next night to watch the WWE PPV Hell in a Cell at the world famous Monster Factory with some of your favorite Monster Factory stars!


Cliff Compton Seminar. Open to the Public! Friday October 24th


Cliff Compton will be returning home to the Monster Factory to wrestle Saturday, October 25th as he teams with the Blue Meanie! But before that he will be doing a seminar and Q&A session on Friday, October 24th! This will be open to the public! This seminar will consist of in ring training and Q&A from the crowd watching! This will be a great learning experience and also fun for fans and wrestlers. This will be filmed for the Monster Factory Roku channel and all participants will have to sign a waiver to participate.


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Seminar is $20 and will be collected at the door that night. Seminar starts at 8pm and will go to at least 11pm! Remember this is open to BOTH wrestlers and the fans!



Book Your Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Party



 Sick of the same old, same old birthday themes? Bowling? Skating? Bouncing? Are you looking for something new, exciting, & different for your child or loved one’s birthday party? Well, how about you let the world famous Monster Factory throw you a party that you & all your guests will never forget! Established in 1983 the Monster Factory has been throwing children’s parties for over 25 years! The Monster Factory is located at 541 Mantua Ave in Paulsboro, NJ 08066.

Monster Factory Party! Its pizza time!

Monster Factory Party! Its pizza time!


We have a Monster Factory Party to fit anyones budget! Find the Party Package that best suits you & contact our staff via Email or phone to schedule your party! Take a look below at all of the Party Packages, Frequently Asked Questions, Party Rules, & Party extras! Still have questions after that? Then contact us, we will have a staff member on hand to take your call or email.

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Have Pro Wrestlers from Monster Factory Pro Wrestling at your child's Birthday Party! Get autographs! Photos! Tickets to a future show! A poster! All of these are available with a Monster Factory Party!

Have Pro Wrestlers from Monster Factory Pro Wrestling at your child’s Birthday Party! Get autographs! Photos! Tickets to a future show! A poster! All of these are available with a Monster Factory Party!


party rules

Everybody has a good time at a Monster Factory Pro Wrestling show & a Monster Factory Party!

Everybody has a good time at a Monster Factory Pro Wrestling show & a Monster Factory Party!


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The Birthday boy or girl gets to escort a pro wrestler to the ring and can even participate in the outcome!

The Birthday boy or girl gets to escort a pro wrestler to the ring and can even participate in the outcome!








Have you talked to a member of the Monster Factory staff & secured your date & time for your party? Then all that is left to do is to make your security deposit to ensure your party is reserved!

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Fundraiser for the Paulsboro Wrestling Room Roof!


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So lets help this storied wrestling program replace their roof to their wrestling room! The Monster Factory will be having a HUGE event on Saturday, October 4th that kicks at 6pm with tons of awesome donated items! Autographed Phillies & Flyers items! Monster Factory Pro Wrestling merchandise and Birthday Parties!


Tickets for the show will be $10 and all proceeds will be donated to the Paulsboro Wrestling Room Roof Fund! A fantastic card is being put together by Monster Factory Pro Wrestling for the night as well! Eight action packed matches with plenty of surprises! If you can’t make it out that night and still want to help, be sure to click on the link below and donate! No amount is too small!

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Training at The Monster Factory

1239049_10202043398033513_862135520_n 1501778_10202967555696877_1893301130_n

"Trademark" Tommy Maclin trained by the Monster Factory was recently signed to a WWE contract and is currently at NXT. He was scouted by Gerald Brisco in July of 2013. He shortly signed his contract after that. Tommy only trained at the Monster Factory for less than a year and had only 20 matches before he was signed!

“Trademark” Tommy Maclin trained by the Monster Factory was recently signed to a WWE contract and is currently at NXT. He was scouted by Gerald Brisco in July of 2013. He shortly signed his contract after that. Tommy only trained at the Monster Factory for less than a year and had only 20 matches before he was signed!

“Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe’s Monster Factory has been training pro wrestlers, divas, managers, and referees for 30 years now! Opened in 1983 by “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers & Larry Sharpe, the Monster Factory has a graduate list second to none! Names such as Sheamus, The Big Show, The Headbangers, Chris Candido, Raven, Balls Mahoney, Tatanka, The Pitbulls, Virgil, 911, Bilvis Wesley, Cliff Compton, Tank Toland, QT Marshall, Tony Atlas, Bam Bam Bigelow, King Kong Bundy, Rocco Rock, Nigerian Nightmares, Danny Cage, Tommy Maclin and hundreds more, all graduated from the Monster Factory!


This is the perfect chance to take that next step & advancing your career in pro wrestling!

This is the perfect chance to take that next step & advancing your career in pro wrestling!

Geral Brisco, a talent scout of the WWE working with the students of the Monster Factory!

Geral Brisco, a talent scout of the WWE working with the students of the Monster Factory!





Factory! The Monster Factory offers a very unique style of training in the most impressive facilities going today! The Monster Factory has the most possible training hours as well! You can train on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 8pm-11pm & Saturday/Sunday from 8am-11am.

Monster Factory trainers: The Blue Meanie, Danny Cage & Wild Bill Wiles

Monster Factory trainers: The Blue Meanie, Danny Cage & Wild Bill Wiles

DSC_0060 Your training and what is expected of you can be best unerstood when you watch the video below.


To be able to join the Monster Factory as a student, all students must go through a 10-15 minute skill set test. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IN PRO WRESTLING IS NECESSARY! A tryout fee of $50 will be put toward your tuition if you choose to sign up and are accepted. Email us at to set up a time & date that is good for you! 30-years Tuition is $3,500 for manager, wrestler, referee training. Tuition is $2,500 to be a trained in bookings & promotions. The tuition requires at least $500 down to start & weekly payments of $50. Training at the Monster Factory is a lifetime membership. We offer more hours, more shows & more opportunities to be placed & seen on a national level. So click below and set up your tryout now!


Monster Factory trainers "Wild" Bill Wiles & The Blue Meanie along with owner & trainer Danny Cage & "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe

Monster Factory trainers “Wild” Bill Wiles & The Blue Meanie along with owner & trainer Danny Cage & “Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe

Monster Factory Pro Wrestling: September 20th



Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Live!
541 Mantua Ave.
Paulsboro, New Jersey
Saturday, September 20, 2014
Doors open at 6:30 PM
Show begins at 7 PM


4 Way Scramble
Winner faces Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Luis “The Punisher” Martinez in the Main Event of the night.
Rhett Titus vs. Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush vs. Donovan Dijak vs. Marc Cruz
Originally, Heavyweight Champion Luis Martinez was supposed to defend his championship against up and comer, and amateur standout Billy Damiana. Unfortunately, when leaving training one night, Damiana was in a car accident involving a drunk driver, leaving him unable to compete.
The solution was this 4 Way Scramble put together by Monster Factory Pro Wrestling management, involving some of the best and most imposing competitors on their roster, and Luiz Martinez will be waiting in the wings and watching closely. He will defend his championship against the winner in the main event.
Firstly, there is Rhett Titus; a former Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion. Coming off a loss last month to the aforementioned Damiana, he has got something to prove now, to the fans, and to himself. Adding the Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship to his resume’, is something that would surely return some of the cockiness to “The Romantic Touch.”
Secondly, Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush; Rush shocked the Monster Factory audience last month, with his defeat of “Doomsday Jesus” Ahtu, but those familiar with Rush were not surprised at all. He can go toe to toe with anyone, and he can take it to the air. He’s 6”7, he has held Heavyweight Championship gold before, he is young, he is strong, and he is ready.
Donovan Dijak; Dijak is another monster, 6”7 275 lbs., and trained by Killer Kowalski. His highlights so far for 2014 are a victory over former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible, and taking Ring of Honor’s Moose to the absolute limit. If anyone can come in, physically dominate, and go on to match Martinez in size and ability, it is this man.
Marc Cruz; Cruz has been competing as a member of AC ROC lately, doing his best to entertain the fans, and attain tag team success. However, he is also a former Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. He’s had the gold before, and he certainly has what it takes to get it again.


Monster Factory Tag Team Championship
The Factory’s Finest (Mike Spanos & Clutch Adams) © vs. The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher)
Back in June, these two teams faced off, and Spanos & Adams got the victory through nefarious means. After their victory though, the Headbangers got their revenge, punishing Clutch Adams, by hitting their famous “Stage Dive” finisher on him twice, and leaving him laying. But that was then, and this is now, and the Factory’s Finest are now the Tag Team Champions, looking to continue and cement their reputation. Former WWF World Tag Team Champions, The Headbangers, who reunited in 2011, and went on to compete for the NWA and Ring Of Honor, are looking to shut the mouths of these young upstarts. They want to come home to the Monster Factory and win another championship, and add it to their illustrious legacy.


Monster Factory Super Sonic Championship
“Good News” Tim Hughes © vs. Alverado
It’s been all good news for Tim Hughes lately. His crowd support is off the charts, and he is the reigning and defending Super Sonic Champion. But there may be some bad news in his future. Alverado outlasted and defeated Anthony Bennett, Rikki Roxx, and Mike Burke last month to earn this shot. Alverado is tough, and he is ready. Can Hughes match his intensity, and can he retain his championship?


“Mr. Upgrade” Mike Reed vs. “LSG” Leon St. Giovanni
Reed makes his return to the Monster Factory here, and standing in his way is fiery young “LSG” Leon St. Giovanni. LSG got his first win in Monster Factory Pro Wrestling last month, and he has no intentions of letting that momentum slide. But Reed has the experience edge, and he knows every trick in the book. Will experience win out in this contest, or will youthful exuberance?


Blood Bound Warriors (Grey Wolf & Red Scorpion) vs. Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers)
The Blood Bound Warriors are one of the most fearsome, intimidating tag teams out there today. Milk Chocolate is an entirely different animal. They come in dancing, they toy with their opponents, and they seek the fans’ approval. The Warriors only care about fighting and winning. Milk Chocolate is coming off a win last month against The Old School Empire, and the Monster Factory faithful seem to really love them. But will crowd support and confidence be enough to defeat the brute strength of the Blood Bound Warriors?


“The Pride of Paulsboro” Anthony Bennett vs. Nick Comoroto
Bennett lost his chance at the Super Sonic Championship last month, but he is a former Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion as well. He knows what it is like to will his way to the top, and overcome any obstacles. His obstacle on September 20th is Nick Comoroto. Comoroto is listed as 6”3 and 275 lbs. as of last month, but I swear he grows bigger and scarier every time I see him! He even was able to power around Grey Wolf at times in their match last month. Bennett is listed as 5”9 (with high top fade!) and 168 lbs. Comoroto will dwarf him, and will do his best to quickly power his way to victory. But if anyone has the determination to survive and thrive against such a dangerous and larger opponent, it may be Anthony Bennett.


Cheeseburger vs. “The Hype” Will Ferrara
Ferrara is coming off a loss to LSG last month, and will be looking to change his fortunes. Ring of Honor’s Cheeseburger, who has been trained by the likes of Charlie Haas, Bob Evans, and Delirious, is at a size advantage (as always!) but he specializes at being the underdog. If Ferrara lets frustration get the better of him, his losing ways may continue. But if he competes at the high level that has gotten him onto Ring of Honor cards as well, he will live up to his nickname and find himself back in the championship hunt.

Also, Danny Cage & QT Marshall will be on hand to provide commentary for Monster Factory Pro Wrestling TV for Monster Factory TV on Roku, coming this fall….and it’s free!




Monster Factory is Coming To Roku!


Monster Factory is coming to Roku this Fall! Over 30 years of history! More details to be released soon! Here is a small look at some of our “Classic” Monster Factory footage!

Monster Factory Report: Interview with Luis Martinez





Interview with Luis “The Punisher” Martinez

By Joseph Feeney III

Name: Luis Martinez
Height: 6”6
Weight: 274 lbs
Experience: 12 years

Promotions worked for: Monster Factory Pro Wrestling, WXW, ECPW, and other promotions

Career Highlights: Current Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, former Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion

Today I was able to speak to the current Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Luis “The Punisher” Martinez. Luis is definitely a star in the making. He’s got the size, he’s got the presence, he’s got the moves, and he’s got the charisma. He is currently the top dog at the Monster Factory, and he is talking to several of the bigger promotions about testing his skills there as well. On Saturday September 20th, he defends his championship against “The Wrestling Machine” Billy Damiana. Damiana has quite the past, full of wrestling accolades, and he has made a lot of noise since debuting for the Monster Factory in July. He defeated Rhett Titus last month, and now he has earned himself a title shot. Martinez remains confident, and it should be a hell of a battle.

JF: So Luis, I always start this off easy. Were you a wrestling fan growing up?

LM: Yes I was. I grew up in Puerto Rico and at the time all the kids in the neighborhood were fans. We would brag about our favorite stars.

JF: Growing up in Puerto Rico, who were your favorites? Were they the stars on the island, or were you a WWF/WWE or WCW fan at the time?

LM: We didn’t get much WCW. I was a WWF fan for the most part, but I would watch any wrestling that was on. On the island I think everyone was an automatic Carlos Colon fan from birth. I was a big Hogan and Warrior fan, until the Undertaker came on to the scene.

JF: So you were raised on a lot of the more violent style of some of the PR promotions. Do you remember any matches in particular that have always stuck with you?

LM: Not really. I mainly watched WWF and most of my memories are from those programs. For instance I remember when the Undertaker stuck the Warrior inside of a casket and locked it shut and Warrior couldn’t breathe. I never forgot that.

JF: So how did you first get into the ring? Was training to be a wrestler something that was always on your mind?

LM: Not always. I was into martial arts when I was younger. I actually even won two national championships in New York in fighting. I also played football, basketball and baseball but I ended up moving from New York to Florida, and I kind of gave everything up. I ended up moving back to Jersey and an old buddy of mine said “let’s do this wrestling thing.” I had no clue of how to do it. I asked him how the hell do we get into this and he said we got to go to school and I said where are the schools? He searched some and came across the Monster Factory and he showed me all the guys that graduated and I said alright let’s do it. It’s funny because we always joked about being wrestlers but never really thought we would ever do it. Twelve years later, here I am.

JF: Just to step back for a second, what forms of martial arts and fighting were you trained in?

LM: I trained in various forms but my thing was a traditional Japanese martial art called Go Ju Ryu, which means “hard soft style.” It’s basically a balanced form of fighting where you equally use your arms, hands, feet, and legs.

JF: So, what were your first impressions of The Monster Factory?

LM: I went in not knowing what to expect, so when I saw a room with two rings and a bathroom I was like okay, this looks like some serious shit. I remember showing up to try out and then speaking to Larry Sharpe. He told me the price of tuition and I responded that I didn’t have all the money yet. So he asked me how could I tell him that I’m serious about what I’m doing if I haven’t even saved up the money for it? I felt so stupid but the next week I did what I had to do and I showed up with the full tuition. After that, it was all pain from there!


JF: So you’re a Monster Factory guy through and through! How do you feel about the current group of guys over there? Does anyone really stand out to you?

LM: I damn sure am! Man, the future looks good for the Monster Factory and for wrestling in general. I was at the school last night and I left saying to myself man, I love this! It’s awesome when everyone is trying hard, trying to learn and really wanting it. There is so much potential at that school, and it’s been inspiring me to work harder than I ever have. There are a few over the top standouts that come to mind, like Mike Spanos. I’m really high on that kid. He’s gonna be a huge star. Billy Damiana stands out as well, just to name a couple. Those guys are like sponges just absorbing as much knowledge as they can, while at the same time trying to help others with what they are experienced and skilled in.

JF: Yes, the future does indeed look bright all around. With ROH on PPV, Triple A USA starting to tape, and Jarrett’s GFW on the horizon, there will be a lot of promoters looking for talent. Do any other those names pop out to you as far as a place you’d want to work?

LM: Of course. I mean I have my foot in the door with ROH, at the moment. I’m actually heading down a little later to train with their boys, but all those promotions are options. It’s all a matter of timing and fitting in. Companies like those and even Monster Factory Pro Wrestling are places where you know you’re going to be working with the top, elite talent. If that’s not what you want then you don’t belong. I’m at a point now where I only want to surround myself with top talent so I can prove that I belong with the best.

JF: Yes I have been very impressed as far as what I’ve seen at Monster Factory Pro Wrestling. You guys put on a great show, it’s family friendly, it’s interactive. It’s just very refreshing. Coming up for the Monster Factory is Monster Factory on Roku. Are you excited for that and what do you feel it will help add to the overall Monster Factory legacy and presentation?

LM: I am definitely excited. That is the type of thing that adds to the Monster Factory legacy. You know, its evolving. Things like that gives us the opportunity to showcase our skills to a wider, broader audience. At the moment the Monster Factory, we all work together to make our product superior. That’s something that the owner Dan Cage is very adamant about. We don’t want to just produce another show. We want a professional quality top notch program where a friend can tune in and say wow, this is what I have been looking for!

JF: So in your years at the Monster Factory, working Indies, etc. who would you say is the most naturally talented guy you’ve ever seen?

LM: Wow that’s a hard one. But I’d have to say, QT Marshall. He just makes things look so simple. There’s a few guys that just have it, you know. His name just comes to mind right away.

JF: You are a former Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion. Was your time in a tag team something you enjoyed? Do you prefer being out there on your own?

LM: I enjoy being able to do both. Brolly (from the Legion of Anarchy) and I are legit boys. So that makes it easier and fun because of that relationship we have. But I also like proving myself as a standalone competitor. I think of myself as someone that can go with anyone in the business but can also dominate the tag team division.


JF: So, if you had to name a few favorites of yours, from the current wrestling scene, whether that be the nationally televised products, international, Indies etc. who would you name?

LM: To watch? On the indies I enjoy QT Marshall, Mike Reed, Bandito Jr., Mike Spanos, Jay Lethal, and of course my boy Brolly. There are more but I’ll be here all day. As far as major stars at the moment, I would say the guys that comprised The Shield, Bray Wyatt, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton. Like I said just to name a few…I love wrestling and I am still very much a fan. So I watch it as much as I can.

JF: If you had the opportunity to wrestle in the main event this Saturday at Madison Square Garden, in front of a sold out crowd, and you could pick your opponent…who would you pick?

LM: The Undertaker, without question. He’s the reason why I got into this business. We would steal the show for sure!

JF: Since you brought him up, I’ll ask you Jim Ross’ favorite question: what did you think of WWE ending the steak at WrestleMania, with Undertaker’s loss to Brock Lesnar?

LM: Oh man! As a fan, I hated it so much! But then I looked at the big picture. If anyone is going to end it why wouldn’t it be the guy that’s practically unbeatable? Now if someone beats Lesnar, imagine how huge that’s gonna be. Hell I want a shot at Lesnar! But when it happened, a tear may have come out. I remember Brolly and a few of my other friends texting me if I was ok. I wasn’t!

JF: Yeah I have a friend who was very upset! They really got us on that one!

So where does Luis “The Punisher” Martinez see himself in 5 years? 10 years?

LM: I see myself causing anarchy somewhere baby! In five year, I’ll be a bigger and better star. In ten years, I’ll be cementing some type of legacy and not just in my wrestling career but in my life.

JF: And I believe that you will! Finally, coming up at the Monster Factory on September 20th, you defend your Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship against “The Wrestling Machine” Billy Damiana. Damiana is coming off an impressive victory over Rhett Titus, and is the picture of confidence. How do you feel about this match, and do you have anything you’d like to say to Billy Damiana?


LM: I’m excited for him. He’s a good kid with a bright future. His time in this business will come, it’s just not coming on the 20th at Monster Factory Pro Wrestling. While impressive, he’s not going to surprise me. This battle tested Punisher isn’t the champion by luck. His style is good but the major difference is, I have no specific style. I can grapple, I can fly and I can straight up fight. I heard him talking about preparing for this match. The only thing he should be preparing for is punishment! I like the kid…but I like being champion more!

JF: Excellent! Well good luck in the future Luis, not that you need it, and thank you very much for your time!

LM: Follow the Legion! Join the Anarchy!


Monster Factory Report: Interview With Billy Damiana


Interview: Billy Damiana
By Joseph Feeney III
Name: Billy Damiana
Height: 6”0
Weight: 230 lbs

Experience: Monster Factory Pro Wrestling, New Jersey Wrestling Hall Of Famer, Six Time Wrestling All-American

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to Monster Factory Pro Wrestling blue chipper, Billy Damiana. Last month at the Monster Factory Pro Wrestling live event, I saw Damiana wrestle and defeat international superstar, Rhett Titus. He puzzled Titus from the start, outwrestling him, and finally muscling him over with a picture perfect Northern Lights suplex for a win that was surprising to some of the audience. But it wasn’t surprising to Billy Damiana. He made it clear during our interview that he is the picture of confidence, and he will accept nothing less than a rise to the very top of the wrestling world.

On September 20th, Damiana hopes to continue his successful ways, as his victory over seasoned veteran Titus has gotten him a Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship match against the current champion, Luis “The Punisher” Martinez. Martinez himself is on a winning streak as well, defeating “Benchmark” Bill Daly in convincing fashion last month. A huge fan favorite among the Monster Factory faithful, Martinez is a big powerhouse of a wrestler, who is always one big move away from victory. Damiana remains cocksure, and convinced that when the match concludes, the championship is going home with him, to add to his list of accolades and his wall of trophies.

JF: Good afternoon Billy. Thank you for spending some time with me, and with sharing your story and views with the wrestling world.

BD: It’s my pleasure.

JF: Ok, I will start you out with a standard first question; Were you a big wrestling fan growing up?

BD: Yes, I have always been a huge wrestling fan. The first match that I ever saw was 1-2-3 Kid wrestling Owen Hart on Monday Night Raw and I was hooked. I became a huge Owen Hart fan, as well as Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect. My dad used to tell me stories about when he was a kid and watching Bruno in the Garden and that was his hero. I actually got into amateur wrestling because of professional wrestling. I haven’t missed a Monday Night Raw show since I started training at the Monster Factory.

JF: Ah, very nice! So who stands out to you on WWE programming today?

BD: Well I am big into promos, so Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt stand out to me. I really enjoy watching Jack Swagger due to his amateur style and I enjoy seeing them showcase all the young talent.

JF: So you got into amateur wrestling because of your love of professional wrestling. Your accolades are well known among your peers and fans, but would you like to explain some of your accomplishments to the readers?

BD: Well, I was highly upset when I learned amateur wrestling was not what I saw on TV. So I worked really hard to earn six All American honors, five in high school, and one in college. I have the most wins in Lower Cape May Regional history as well as Cape May County history with a career record of 140-17. I was also a national finalist and champion in high school. I All American’d in all three styles in amateur wrestling, which are folkstyle, freestyle and Greco Roman. I was a two time New Jersey state placer and I was an All American in Greco Roman in college. I also competed for a World Team spot at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs.

JF: Wow, that’s awesome, congratulations on all your accomplishments! So how did you go from the amateur ranks to training to enter professional wrestling

BD: Well it was always something I wanted but I didn’t know it would be a possibility. I got hooked up with Nick Comoroto at a different school for a short period of time until I made the transition to the Monster Factory which is the best school outside of NXT in my opinion. The history and track record speaks for itself as well as the prestigious alumni who have left the school for careers with WWE and other major promotions. I’m in the right place right now.

JF: It’s history and track record does indeed speak volumes. So what were your initial impressions of the Monster Factory?

BD: Honestly, most people say they were blown away when they walk into the doors for the first time, and gaze at the pictures of history on the wall. I, myself expected to see all of the history. I’m a believer in showing the past its proper respect in wrestling, so the history and homage at the Monster Factory, I was expecting. The one thing that I was in awe of was the access to an extensive weight room and the amateur mats. I can almost guarantee that the Monster Factory is the only school that has access to world class facilities like that.

JF: Coming from an amateur background, do you think the training came easier to you than it may to others? Was it what you expected? And how did you initially feel about the bumps?

BD: You would think that it is. In some aspects yes, but the biggest thing is, as an amateur you are used to moving so fast with the mindset of trying to score. In pro wrestling you have to slow down. But when it comes to learning the basics and how to apply holds and moves I feel that it may have been easier because of the amateur background. It has been everything I expected and more. People really have no idea or clue how physical professional wrestling truly is and the bumps on that canvas are unforgiving. For whatever reason there’s this notion that it doesn’t hurt or there’s a trampoline spring under the ring. I invite anybody to come to the Monster Factory and put those theories to the test.

JF: In your experience, who would you say you’ve seen in the business with the most natural talent?

BD: I would say the most naturally talented guys I have ever seen were Owen Hart and Kurt Angle. That may be a biased statement, but they epitomize what I think a professional wrestler should be. Their fluidity and charisma were on point, as well as their ability to bump and sell. They were also masters of getting a crowd to believe in and invest themselves into their matches. Those two are the most naturally talented in ring performers I have seen.

JF: So other than your trainers at the Monster Factory, Danny Cage, Blue Meanie, Bill Wiles, who would you say has taught you the most?

BD: I would say a lot of it you learn from trial and error. You get a feel for what a crowd wants to see and what captivates their minds and attention. You see what works and what doesn’t, try to do things to the best of your ability and kind of learn by being thrown into the fire.

JF: Which areas would you say each of the different Monster Factory trainers specialize in when it comes to teaching yourself and the other students?

BD: Danny Cage tells you straight up if something sucks or looks weak and calls you out on bullshit and lack of productivity or lack of focus. He’s there to be tough on you while Bill Wiles offers more of a feel for amateur type things as well as the behind the scenes aspect of wrestling. He has vast knowledge of production, to getting booked and backstage etiquette. The Blue Meanie is there and gives great perspective on promos and character creativity. His presence and sense of humor also help to lighten up your day when training or the wrestling business puts you down. It’s a great system created by all three of the guys, and they gel perfectly.

JF: I’ve noticed you heading a few drills and taking an interest in other students. Are you interested in being a trainer yourself, down the line?

BD: I just like to help people. I coach high wrestlers and pee wee wrestlers so it’s almost a natural thing for me to help people who need it or are looking for it. But who knows, right now I’m just trying to get signed!

JF: Haha, right! So, what advice would you give anyone who aspires to become a pro wrestler, and who plans to enter the doors of the Monster Factory?

BD: Be prepared for sacrifice and hard work. You will push yourself to the absolute limit and you be hurt. You will be sore and you will miss time with family and friends. Instead of going out and partying, you will be cutting promos, eating right, and training as well as traveling. Days will be long. You will question why you do this and how much you really love it, but if you’re tough enough you will last.

JF: I was recently in attendance for your match with ROH superstar Rhett Titus. You defeated Titus, in what many saw as an upset. Would you consider this your biggest victory so far, and what did you learn from being in the ring with a master like Titus?

BD: To other people it may be an upset, but I live up to my name, which is the Wrestling Machine! I learned that I have a lot to work on, but I’m not far off from my goal and I learned I can hang with people no matter how experienced they are. I competed on a world level in amateur wrestling, so professional wrestling competition isn’t any different in my eyes.

JF: Ok, in a perfect world, this Saturday night, you are headlining at Madison Square Garden, and you have the ability to choose any opponent you want? Who do you choose?

BD: John Cena. I would want to wrestle John Cena. He is the biggest name in the industry right now and the main eventer for WWE, regardless what fans want and think. It’s a business and if you want to generate a name for yourself and buzz around the world you put yourself in the ring with John Cena. We are all in this business to be a main eventer and that’s what he is, so that’s who you would want to work. Of course my other choices would be Owen Hart and Kurt Angle. But when it comes to current wrestlers in the “World’s Most Famous Arena,” Cena would be my number one pick. I love the guy.

JF: So where would Billy Damiana like to see himself in five years? Ten years?

BD: In WWE, out working my competition whether it be in the ring or in the gym or anywhere else. A quote from Dan Gable is something many amateur wrestlers live by and it goes, “1st period is won by the better technician. The 2nd period is won by the person in better shape. The 3rd period is won by the person with the biggest heart.” When you train as hard as an amateur wrestler, you prove that you outwork the competition, and that’s what I plan on doing.

JF: Next month, September 20th at the Monster Factory, you have an opportunity to become the Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. You will challenge the current champion Luis “The Punisher” Martinez. This is a big chance for you, rather early in your career. How do you feel about getting this coveted shot, and do you feel you can overcome Martinez?

BD: I feel great about this shot. It’s a prestigious championship and Luis is a very tough opponent. He has been in the business for some years and has accomplished much. He is in the best shape of his life. He’s not your normal big man, Luis is agile and quick and his athleticism is superior. His strength is where he excels as well as his in ring presence. He also has a martial arts background. He was a martial arts champion and has many years of training under his belt. But like I said before I competed at the absolute top world level in wrestling. If you look at MMA the amateur wrestlers are the dominating force and I plan on continuing that tradition. I respect Luis but that doesn’t change my goal. He can consider this his warning.