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The World Famous Monster Factory has the history to create the future! Our alumni list is a virtual who's who in professional wrestling! We offer the most complete training experience for the business of professional wrestling/sports entertainment. Our training facility has been called a "mini" WWE Performance Center. two 18x18 foot wrestling rings. Over 4,000 square feet of amateur wrestling mats. A complete weight room. Sound system, heating, air conditioning, showers, and the ability to run LIVE wrestling events. Our own network to showcase our students and coaches as well. Past guest trainers to stop by the Monster Factory for exclusive seminars for our students include: X-Pac, MVP, Gerald Brisco, Bubba Ray Dudley, Les Thatcher, Rip Rogers, Cliff Compton, Nigel McGuinness, jay Lethal, Kevin Kelly & many more. We are the only option if you want to make a career in the pro wrestling/sports entertainment business!
The World Famous Monster Factory is not only the greatest pro wrestling school around but also has the greatest seminars with such names as Rip Rogers, Gerald Brisco, Lest Thatcher, Kevin Kelly & many more!


The MF Super Camp: October 28-29

The MF Super Camp returns once again! A camp for those who have years of experience all the way to zero experience. For those who know they want Professional Wrestling to be their career and for those who are unsure what that will take. A camp that covers everything Professional Wrestling. Inside the ring & out. The MF Super Camps are known for their list of special guest trainers & great events. This will be no different. So far we have the legend & iconic trainer, Rip Rogers! Joining Rip Rogers is former Head Trainer at The WWE Performance Center, Bill Deomott as well as Matt Wichlinski the former strength & conditioning coach. Rounding out the group is Sami Callihan & the iconic WCW ring announcer, Gary Cappetta! Plus a huge wrestling event on October 29th where talent will have a chance to be booked.



Spaces are limited. More guest trainers to be announced. Stay tuned!

The MF Super Camp: August 19-21


The clock is ticking. Tomorrow has became next week. Next week has become a month. A month has become a year. A year becomes never. Too many people put their dreams & passion on hold for one reason or another. So we are challenging you. Right now. The MF Super Camp is slated for August 19-21 at The World Famous Monster Factory. Home of The MF Pro Academy & The MFPW. Over 4,000 square feet of amateur mats, three 18 x 18 foot wrestling rings, full weight room, showers & more make this one of the greatest Professional Wrestling Training Centers in the world.




BREAKING: Joel Gertner has been added to the list of guest trainers at The MF Super Camp!



BREAKING: The legendary Les Thatcher has been added to the list of guest trainers at The MF Super Camp! He joins Bob Evans, Matt Wichlinski & The World Famous Monster Factory coaches of Danny Cage, QT Marshall, Bill Wiles, Punisher Martinez, & The Blue Meanie!


The three day camp begins on Friday at noon and concludes Sunday night with a Summer Slam viewing party & banquet. The camp will cover strength & conditioning, promos, etiquette, social media, matches, tape study, ring gear, entrances, bookings & much more. We will have numerous guest trainers & appearances for this camp. Some we will announce & others we will not be able to. Signed so far to work with the campers is former Strength & Conditioning Coach from The WWE Performance Center, Matt Wichlinski. Matt will be in Saturday morning to go over numerous exercises & specific nutrition that all Professional Wrestlers require if they want to get the best out of their bodies. Also coming in to coach is ROH star “Brutal” Bob Evans. Bob also serves as one of the panel members during ROH Tryout Camps & his experience & wisdom make him a favorite among peers & trainees alike.

These camps stress the importance of Professional Wrestling as a career. The atmosphere at The MF Super Camp is very professional & relaxed at the same time. Every participant will have ample time to show everybody what they have to offer. Plus plenty of opportunities to ask questions & sit down & learn both in the ring & outside. On Saturday The MFPW will be having Live Event that night. Some of the stand outs of the camp will be booked on that event to face some of The MFPW’s best. That event will be available on as well.

Those flying in for the camp or arriving by bus can contact Danny Cage directly at (609)471-7904 to arrange transportation to & from. This is to avoid rental car fees for those making the trip in. We also offer free lodging at the facility. That number is limited and is first come first serve. if you wish to stay we advise that you bring pillows & blankets. We do have showers, heating & air conditioning. We just do not offer beds or cots.

Spaces are limited & we can not hold spots for those who wish to pay cash later or for any other reason. The only way to secure your spot is to sign up now using the PayPal Button below. If you are unable to attend for any reason we do not offer refunds but will gladly move the funds toward our next three day camp. Thank you and we will be releasing more guest trainers & new as it becomes available.Thank you!

The MF Pro Academy. Training at The World Famous Monster Factory



The MF Pro Acedemy  in Paulsboro, New Jersey is a training center second to none! Owned and operated by Danny Cage with a coaching staff with over 70 years experience combined! Head Coach Danny Cage, Coaches QT Marshall, The Blue Meanie, Punisher Martinez & Bill Wiles! We are ready to get you a career in Professional Wrestling!

Launched in 2011, The MF Pro Academy is the only place to train if you desire a career in Pro Wrestling! There is only one place to go to learn the business of professional wrestling. Inside & out. Manager? Writer? Creative? Promoter? Booker? Video & editing? Social media? Referee? Pro Wrestler? Yes. We cover that! The World Famous Monster Factory offers a very unique style of training in the most impressive facilities going today! The most possible training hours as well! Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 7pm-11pm Saturday hours vary. Sunday 6pm-Midnight


To be able to join as a prospect, all students must go through a 10-15 minute skill set test. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IN PRO WRESTLING IS NECESSARY! Email us at to set up a time & date that is good for you! Tuition is $4,000 for manager, wrestler, referee training. Tuition is $3,500 to be a trained in bookings & promotions. The tuition requires at least $500 down to start & weekly payments of $50. Training at the Monster Factory is a lifetime membership. We offer more hours, more shows & more opportunities to be placed & seen on a national level.

The World Famous Monster Factory is not only the greatest pro wrestling school around but also has the greatest seminars with such names as Rip Rogers, Gerald Brisco, Lest Thatcher, Kevin Kelly & many more!

The World Famous Monster Factory is not only the greatest pro wrestling school around but also has the greatest seminars with such names as Rip Rogers, Gerald Brisco, Lest Thatcher, Kevin Kelly & many more!


To begin your training it will require a $500 deposit and for you to then sign up for recurring charges via our Pay Pal option below until tuition is paid in full in the amount of $4,000. Unless of course you would like to pay up front. Then it would be a one time fee of $3,500.

Below is an option for $200 a month & below that is $50 a week option


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