Monster Factory Report: Interview With Billy Damiana


Interview: Billy Damiana
By Joseph Feeney III
Name: Billy Damiana
Height: 6”0
Weight: 230 lbs

Experience: Monster Factory Pro Wrestling, New Jersey Wrestling Hall Of Famer, Six Time Wrestling All-American

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to Monster Factory Pro Wrestling blue chipper, Billy Damiana. Last month at the Monster Factory Pro Wrestling live event, I saw Damiana wrestle and defeat international superstar, Rhett Titus. He puzzled Titus from the start, outwrestling him, and finally muscling him over with a picture perfect Northern Lights suplex for a win that was surprising to some of the audience. But it wasn’t surprising to Billy Damiana. He made it clear during our interview that he is the picture of confidence, and he will accept nothing less than a rise to the very top of the wrestling world.

On September 20th, Damiana hopes to continue his successful ways, as his victory over seasoned veteran Titus has gotten him a Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship match against the current champion, Luis “The Punisher” Martinez. Martinez himself is on a winning streak as well, defeating “Benchmark” Bill Daly in convincing fashion last month. A huge fan favorite among the Monster Factory faithful, Martinez is a big powerhouse of a wrestler, who is always one big move away from victory. Damiana remains cocksure, and convinced that when the match concludes, the championship is going home with him, to add to his list of accolades and his wall of trophies.

JF: Good afternoon Billy. Thank you for spending some time with me, and with sharing your story and views with the wrestling world.

BD: It’s my pleasure.

JF: Ok, I will start you out with a standard first question; Were you a big wrestling fan growing up?

BD: Yes, I have always been a huge wrestling fan. The first match that I ever saw was 1-2-3 Kid wrestling Owen Hart on Monday Night Raw and I was hooked. I became a huge Owen Hart fan, as well as Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect. My dad used to tell me stories about when he was a kid and watching Bruno in the Garden and that was his hero. I actually got into amateur wrestling because of professional wrestling. I haven’t missed a Monday Night Raw show since I started training at the Monster Factory.

JF: Ah, very nice! So who stands out to you on WWE programming today?

BD: Well I am big into promos, so Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt stand out to me. I really enjoy watching Jack Swagger due to his amateur style and I enjoy seeing them showcase all the young talent.

JF: So you got into amateur wrestling because of your love of professional wrestling. Your accolades are well known among your peers and fans, but would you like to explain some of your accomplishments to the readers?

BD: Well, I was highly upset when I learned amateur wrestling was not what I saw on TV. So I worked really hard to earn six All American honors, five in high school, and one in college. I have the most wins in Lower Cape May Regional history as well as Cape May County history with a career record of 140-17. I was also a national finalist and champion in high school. I All American’d in all three styles in amateur wrestling, which are folkstyle, freestyle and Greco Roman. I was a two time New Jersey state placer and I was an All American in Greco Roman in college. I also competed for a World Team spot at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs.

JF: Wow, that’s awesome, congratulations on all your accomplishments! So how did you go from the amateur ranks to training to enter professional wrestling

BD: Well it was always something I wanted but I didn’t know it would be a possibility. I got hooked up with Nick Comoroto at a different school for a short period of time until I made the transition to the Monster Factory which is the best school outside of NXT in my opinion. The history and track record speaks for itself as well as the prestigious alumni who have left the school for careers with WWE and other major promotions. I’m in the right place right now.

JF: It’s history and track record does indeed speak volumes. So what were your initial impressions of the Monster Factory?

BD: Honestly, most people say they were blown away when they walk into the doors for the first time, and gaze at the pictures of history on the wall. I, myself expected to see all of the history. I’m a believer in showing the past its proper respect in wrestling, so the history and homage at the Monster Factory, I was expecting. The one thing that I was in awe of was the access to an extensive weight room and the amateur mats. I can almost guarantee that the Monster Factory is the only school that has access to world class facilities like that.

JF: Coming from an amateur background, do you think the training came easier to you than it may to others? Was it what you expected? And how did you initially feel about the bumps?

BD: You would think that it is. In some aspects yes, but the biggest thing is, as an amateur you are used to moving so fast with the mindset of trying to score. In pro wrestling you have to slow down. But when it comes to learning the basics and how to apply holds and moves I feel that it may have been easier because of the amateur background. It has been everything I expected and more. People really have no idea or clue how physical professional wrestling truly is and the bumps on that canvas are unforgiving. For whatever reason there’s this notion that it doesn’t hurt or there’s a trampoline spring under the ring. I invite anybody to come to the Monster Factory and put those theories to the test.

JF: In your experience, who would you say you’ve seen in the business with the most natural talent?

BD: I would say the most naturally talented guys I have ever seen were Owen Hart and Kurt Angle. That may be a biased statement, but they epitomize what I think a professional wrestler should be. Their fluidity and charisma were on point, as well as their ability to bump and sell. They were also masters of getting a crowd to believe in and invest themselves into their matches. Those two are the most naturally talented in ring performers I have seen.

JF: So other than your trainers at the Monster Factory, Danny Cage, Blue Meanie, Bill Wiles, who would you say has taught you the most?

BD: I would say a lot of it you learn from trial and error. You get a feel for what a crowd wants to see and what captivates their minds and attention. You see what works and what doesn’t, try to do things to the best of your ability and kind of learn by being thrown into the fire.

JF: Which areas would you say each of the different Monster Factory trainers specialize in when it comes to teaching yourself and the other students?

BD: Danny Cage tells you straight up if something sucks or looks weak and calls you out on bullshit and lack of productivity or lack of focus. He’s there to be tough on you while Bill Wiles offers more of a feel for amateur type things as well as the behind the scenes aspect of wrestling. He has vast knowledge of production, to getting booked and backstage etiquette. The Blue Meanie is there and gives great perspective on promos and character creativity. His presence and sense of humor also help to lighten up your day when training or the wrestling business puts you down. It’s a great system created by all three of the guys, and they gel perfectly.

JF: I’ve noticed you heading a few drills and taking an interest in other students. Are you interested in being a trainer yourself, down the line?

BD: I just like to help people. I coach high wrestlers and pee wee wrestlers so it’s almost a natural thing for me to help people who need it or are looking for it. But who knows, right now I’m just trying to get signed!

JF: Haha, right! So, what advice would you give anyone who aspires to become a pro wrestler, and who plans to enter the doors of the Monster Factory?

BD: Be prepared for sacrifice and hard work. You will push yourself to the absolute limit and you be hurt. You will be sore and you will miss time with family and friends. Instead of going out and partying, you will be cutting promos, eating right, and training as well as traveling. Days will be long. You will question why you do this and how much you really love it, but if you’re tough enough you will last.

JF: I was recently in attendance for your match with ROH superstar Rhett Titus. You defeated Titus, in what many saw as an upset. Would you consider this your biggest victory so far, and what did you learn from being in the ring with a master like Titus?

BD: To other people it may be an upset, but I live up to my name, which is the Wrestling Machine! I learned that I have a lot to work on, but I’m not far off from my goal and I learned I can hang with people no matter how experienced they are. I competed on a world level in amateur wrestling, so professional wrestling competition isn’t any different in my eyes.

JF: Ok, in a perfect world, this Saturday night, you are headlining at Madison Square Garden, and you have the ability to choose any opponent you want? Who do you choose?

BD: John Cena. I would want to wrestle John Cena. He is the biggest name in the industry right now and the main eventer for WWE, regardless what fans want and think. It’s a business and if you want to generate a name for yourself and buzz around the world you put yourself in the ring with John Cena. We are all in this business to be a main eventer and that’s what he is, so that’s who you would want to work. Of course my other choices would be Owen Hart and Kurt Angle. But when it comes to current wrestlers in the “World’s Most Famous Arena,” Cena would be my number one pick. I love the guy.

JF: So where would Billy Damiana like to see himself in five years? Ten years?

BD: In WWE, out working my competition whether it be in the ring or in the gym or anywhere else. A quote from Dan Gable is something many amateur wrestlers live by and it goes, “1st period is won by the better technician. The 2nd period is won by the person in better shape. The 3rd period is won by the person with the biggest heart.” When you train as hard as an amateur wrestler, you prove that you outwork the competition, and that’s what I plan on doing.

JF: Next month, September 20th at the Monster Factory, you have an opportunity to become the Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. You will challenge the current champion Luis “The Punisher” Martinez. This is a big chance for you, rather early in your career. How do you feel about getting this coveted shot, and do you feel you can overcome Martinez?

BD: I feel great about this shot. It’s a prestigious championship and Luis is a very tough opponent. He has been in the business for some years and has accomplished much. He is in the best shape of his life. He’s not your normal big man, Luis is agile and quick and his athleticism is superior. His strength is where he excels as well as his in ring presence. He also has a martial arts background. He was a martial arts champion and has many years of training under his belt. But like I said before I competed at the absolute top world level in wrestling. If you look at MMA the amateur wrestlers are the dominating force and I plan on continuing that tradition. I respect Luis but that doesn’t change my goal. He can consider this his warning.

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Monster Factory Report: August 16th Results


By Joe Feeney on 2014-08-22 07:54:05
Monster Factory Pro Wrestling
At the Monster Factory Wrestling Training Center
Paulsboro, New Jersey
Saturday August 16, 2014
Ring Announcer: Stephan Benson
Referee: Steve Chaz

This was my second live event at the Monster Factory Training Center. I was there back in January, primarily for appearances by Colt Cabana and Cliff Compton, but also because I respected the name and the history behind the place. What I saw that night was a group of hard working young wrestlers, with a love for the craft, and a special bond with their fans. Head Trainer/Owner Danny Cage, along with trainers The Blue Meanie and Bill Wiles, have clearly done an excellent job not only showing their students the wrestling basics, but also how to carry themselves, and how to treat their fans. I would leave my second trip to the Factory feeling a similar vibe.

The doors opened at 6 PM, and the fans swarmed in. Some I could see were clearly regulars, holding signs for their favorites, and wearing Monster Factory T Shirts. Some I spoke to, were just regular wrestling fans from the Philly area, who were experiencing their first event at the venue.

The show started right on time, and it was announced to the fans that they were about to be a part of the first ever taping of Monster Factory TV, which will debut on Roku later in the year. That concept sounds really good to me, as not only will they be able to televise their current product, but they have a vast library of Monster Factory affiliated shows from the 80s and 90s.
Match One: Major McClendon w/ Claudia vs. Brolly
McClendon is a legitimate veteran, and is currently playing a military style heel, with evil Claudia by his side. He is also a former Monster Factory Super Sonic Champion. He also main evented their first show. Brolly is a former Monster Factory Tag Team Champion, as a member of the Legion Of Anarchy. This was a good, physical match, and a vicious clothesline at the beginning from Brolly, set that tone. McClendon took over during the middle, and worked Brolly’s leg, attempting to make the big man submit. On the outside, Claudia mocked the young fans as McClendon had the advantage. However, Brolly made a big comeback, throwing McClendon over his head with a big time belly to belly suplex, and hitting a form of a fireman’s carry bomb for the win.
WINNER: Brolly

Aug 16th show pics 027

Match Two: “The Hype” Will Ferrara vs. “LSG” Leon St. Giovanni
Ferrara is a cocky heel, most well-known for his Ring of Honor appearances for the past two years. “LSG” has wrestled in indies throughout Maine, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Canada. Coming into this match, he had apparently been on a losing streak at Monster Factory shows since late 2013. Ferrara mocked him on the mic before the match because of his losing ways. These two started out lightning quick, with a fast opening sequence. The crowd was solidly behind the underdog, LSG. Ferrera had the advantage but missed a 2nd rope move. LSG rebounded with a tilt a whirl side suplex, but Ferrara took the reins after hitting a huge leaping tornado DDT. However, he got greedy, and while attempting to hit a move in the corner, LSG reversed for the pin.
WINNER: “LSG” Leon St. Giovanni


Match Three: The Old School Empire (Mike Booth & Preston Quinn) vs. Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers)
The Empire is active in the Mid Atlantic area, and both men have held various NWA championships. Milk Chocolate are a young tag team, who have some experience in Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey. Watts and Summers are a charismatic tag team, very crowd friendly. Brandon Watts especially impressed early on, with an incredible dropkick and a standing moonsault that was both high and graceful. As a team, Milk Chocolate were the clear fan favorites, as “Milk Chocolate” chants were prevalent throughout the match. They also kept the crowd entertained with various double team moves. Booth put a stop to their momentum with an awesome spinebuster, but he was ultimately small packaged for the pin.
WINNERS: Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers)


Match Four: “The Last Warrior” Greywolf vs. Nick Comoroto
Greywolf is a muscle bound dude with a painted face ala The Road Warriors. He has wrestled throughout the tri state area, and he is a former OTW Heavyweight Champion. Comoroto is a 6”3 275 pounder with an intimidating look. This match was brawl based, with a lot of heavy shots traded back and forth. Comoroto showed a lot of potential with his crowd work. He made sure the crowd saw his enjoyment and heard about it, every time he had their hero down. However, the two brawlers fought onto the floor to a double count out. Post-match, Comoroto attempted to hit Greywolf with a chair, missed, and was thrown into the steel post. The men brawled all the way to the back, and their fight continued backstage until they were finally separated.

DECISION: Double count out

Match Five: “# 1 Contender to the Super Sonic Championship 4 Way Match”
Rikki Roxx vs. Alverado vs. Mike Burke vs. Anthony Bennett


Roxx is a former PWS Tag Team Champion, who rocks a hair band/rock star gimmick. He kind of reminded me of Ricky Morton. Alverado has wrestled in PPW and ECPW. Burke has been on Monster Factory shows in the past. Bennett is referred to as “The Pride Of Paulsboro,” and was a standout wrestler and football player at Paulsboro High. The match starts with a 4 way test of strength, which turns into four inverted atomic drops, one for each. Bennett’s charisma makes him stand out amongst his opponents. After playing to the crowd, however, Bennett is rocked by a clothesline from Burke. Alverado has Roxx trapped in the corner, unloading with stiff forearms, and a brutal clothesline. Bennett recovers, hits a cross body from the top rope onto both Alverado and Burke, which he follows up with a Sliced Bread. Burke then hits a running cutter on Bennett, but somewhere in the confusion, Alverado gets the win, and earns a title shot against the winner of the Super Sonic Championship match later in the evening.
WINNER: Alverado


At intermission, while promoting the upcoming Monster Factory TV Roku channel, a Roku is given away to one lucky ticket holder.


Match Six: Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush vs. “Doomsday Jesus” Ahtu
Rush is a big guy, listed as 6”7 and is a former NYWC Heavyweight Champion. Ahtu is a well-known name and I’ve seen him on several sites as one of the top ten guys to watch on the indie circuit. He’s wrestled all over the east coast against names such as Low Ki, Damien Darling, Papadon, and The Warlord. Ahtu has great presence, both in his entrance, and in the ring. Ahtu begins the match muscling around Rush, and takes him to the mat with an amateur takedown. He offers his hand, but Rush refuses, showing no sportsmanship. They worked well together, as each power move seemed to mean something and progress the match, plus they were both very vocal, Rush talking trash and Ahtu selling the moves. Rush threw some mean forearms and then snapped off an amazingly athletic and high dropkick, for a guy his size. He then locked a sleeper on Ahtu, who muscled out and hit a big power slam. The crowd chants for one more, but Ahtu has other ideas and he lifts Rush high over his head for a press slam. Rush lands on his feet, frustrating Ahtu, who beats him into the corner until the ref breaks it up. With Ahtu distracted, Rush hits a sunset flip and gets the victory!
WINNER: Ryan Rush

Match Seven: For the Monster Factory Tag Team Championship
The Factory’s Finest (Mike Spanos & Clutch Adams) © vs AC Roc (Shaheem Ali & Marc Cruz)


The Factory’s Finest are both the Monster Factory Tag Team Champions, and the WXW C4 Tag Team Champions. AC Roc are former Monster Factory Tag Team Champions, and Cruz is a former Monster Factory Heavyweight Champion. Firstly, AC Roc comes out to “Let’s Get Ridiculous” by RedFoo. The crowd was so into their interactive entrance, singing along to the song and dancing along with the challengers, that it was almost a Sandman/Al Snow effect in ECW type of deal. It was very cool to see, and the whole atmosphere was…you guess it….Ridiculous! (in a very good way…) On the flip side, Spanos and Adams come out and antagonize the fans. Clutch tries to speak and is pretty much drowned out by the Factory faithful! When the match starts, Cruz and Adams engage in some great chain wrestling. As Spanos and Adams take the match over, they were totally in sync with everything, their moves, their attitude in ring, everything. Adams at one point hit a great dropkick, followed up by a flying back elbow that was right on the button. They control Cruz for a while, as Spanos comes in and hits a big time drop kick of his own, causing Adams in the corner to say, “That was beautiful, man!” After some back and forth, Cruz finally makes the hot tag, and Ali comes in on fire. He cleans house, and sends Adams out of the ring with a leg lariat. AC Roc hits a double team move, and almost gets the pin, but Adams makes the save for Spanos. Ali hits an awesome somersault into the corner, but gets caught shortly afterwards with a front flapjack/leg drop combo from the Finest, which they call “Realest On The Rise.” Unfortunately, Shaheem Ali appeared to be hurt at the end of the match, with what looked like a knee injury. He wound up being stretchered out, and his condition hasn’t been updated as of yet.

What an awesome match! I don’t feel silly for saying I think that match wouldn’t have seemed out of place on any nationally televised wrestling program.

WINNERS AND STILL CHAMPIONS: The Factory’s Finest (Mike Spanos & Clutch Adams)

Match Eight: Rhett Titus vs. Billy Damiana


Rhett is a well-known wrestler worldwide. He was initially trained by both Austin Aries and Bryan Danielson. He is a former ROH World Tag Team Champion. Billy Damiana is a star on the rise. He has a lengthy list of accolades, including a six time wrestling All American, a world team alternate for Greco Roman wrestling, having the most wins in his county and in the state of New Jersey’s history, he’s also a South Jersey Wrestling Hall Of Famer, and he has three black belts. Now in pro wrestling, he’s a clear case of a blue chipper, but facing Titus should be a big test for him. As the match begins, Damiana outwrestles Titus and clearly frustrates him. After Titus reverses a series of moves, Titus takes a power and insults the fans. After returning to the ring, Titus gets the upper hand, working Damiana’s ribs, and hitting a stiff double knee drop. The crowd was really behind Billy, who started a comeback by hitting a fireman’s carry takedown, and a nice German suplex. He locked on a Boston Crab, and the crowd thought it was over, but Titus got to the ropes. After a reversal into the ropes, Titus hit a dropkick right in the mush. The two grappled over to the ropes, and Titus wound up on the apron, where Damiana landed several stiff kicks. After Titus reentered the ring, Damiana scored with a nice northern lights suplex for the win. Post-match, Titus refused the referee’s help, as he limped to the back.

WINNER: Billy Damiana

Match Nine: For the Monster Factory Super Sonic Championship
Tim “Good News” Hughes © vs. Francis Kipland Stevens


Stevens came out first, and had his supporters. Hughes comes out with a ton of energy to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen. The two had a humorous exchange, where Hughes had a towel, and Stevens countered with a handkerchief, as they argued over the merits of each. As they began to wrestle, I noticed how fluid Stevens was in the ring. His nerdish type of character may distract from that, but the guy can go. As for Hughes he completely lives that character from the second he comes through the curtain, and maybe even before that. Stevens hit a nice gourd buster (which you don’t see enough these days!) but he takes too much time getting to the top rope, and Hughes counters his attempt with an X Factor. Hughes hits the running Earthquake splash after, gets the win, and retains his title.


Match Ten: For the Monster Factory Heavyweight Championship
Luis “The Punisher” Martinez vs. “The Benchmark” Bill Daly


Martinez, along with being the current Heavyweight Champion, is a former Monster Factory Tag Team Champion. Daly is known for competing in Ring of Honor since late 2013. Martinez is clearly a huge fan favorite at the Factory, as his pop was huge, and there were signs, homemade shirts, and the fans were doing his hand signal along with him. After watching a few minutes of the match, one thing was clear; Bill Daly is really, really good. Per my research, he may not have too many years under his belt, but he is very, very good in the ring already. After a big clothesline to the floor, the two brawl, only to have Martinez post Daly back first. However, when they get back into the ring, Daly attacks the big man’s leg, and makes that his focus. He wraps the leg around the ring post, hits a few chop blocks, and cinches on a single leg crab. Martinez gets to the ropes, and after another exchange, he changes the momentum with an enziguri, however Daly goes right back to the leg with another chop block. Daly is clearly back on the advantage, and takes the time to mock the crowd. Daly goes for a roaring elbow and is met with a superkick from the champion. Martinez hits a nice flying back elbow, and then puts Daly in the punphandle position. He converts that into an Oklahoma Stampede style power slam. Daly is reeling now, and Martinez hits a massive spear. And then it is all she wrote, as Martinez hits a sit out choke slam off the second rope.


FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a great show! Everyone had their working boots on, and the crowd clearly appreciated it. The older fans I spoke to were all impressed, and the younger fans definitely had a ball. For those of you who say good pro wrestling has disappeared in the Philadelphia area, I strongly disagree. Danny Cage, The Blue Meanie, and Bill Wiles are putting on a consistently great product just over the bridge, and the buzz is continuing to grow.

My highlights from this month include, the convincing victory by Heavyweight Champion Luis Martinez, the unfortunate injury to Shaheem Ali, the surprising victory for Ryan Rush over Ahtu (Rush may be working his way towards some title shots?) and the dual Tag Team Champions, The Factory’s Finest reigning supreme once again. The sky is the limit for those fellas.

Next month, former WWF World Tag Team Champions, The Headbangers, return to the Monster Factory. The early word is, they will be facing the Monster Factory Tag Team Champions, The Factory’s Finest. Mike Reed will also be returning, and there will be an appearance by QT Marshall. That event takes place on Saturday Night, September 20th, at 7 PM. I cannot recommend these shows enough. It’s fun, it’s just a ride over the bridge, and you get a huge value for your dollar. Not only can your kids be a few steps from the ring, but the wrestlers aren’t afraid to involve them, and as an adult, you will see great wrestling from some hard working up and comers.


Monster Factory Report: Les Thatcher Three Day Camp


Les Thatcher is coming to The Monster Factory!

By Joseph Feeney III

There are plenty of seminars in the pro wrestling world, going on every weekend, all over the country. Recently, I attended an “Everything BUT the Wrestling” seminar hosted by “The Quintessential Studmuffin” Joel Gertner, of ECW and TNA fame, at the Monster Factory. Mr. Gertner did an excellent job teaching the attendees a little about everything, including promos, backstage etiquette, when to speak up for yourself, the differences in wrestling on TV, and so much more.

The next upcoming seminar, to be held at the Monster Factory the weekend of Friday September 26th to Sunday September 28th, will be ran by none other than world famous wrestling trainer Les Thatcher! I am told the seminar will utilize every section of the Factory, including the wrestling ring, the amateur mats, and the world class gym area.

The three day camp will utilize all stations at the Monster Factory. The wrestling ring. The weight room. The amateur mats.

The three day camp will utilize all stations at the Monster Factory. The wrestling ring. The weight room. The amateur mats.

Les Thatcher became hooked on pro wrestling when he was eight years old, while watching with friends. Throughout his youth, he played baseball, football, basketball, and of course, he wrestled. He began amateur wrestling at his local YMCA when he was twelve years old. When he was nineteen years old, he began to train to become a pro at Tony Santos’ wrestling school in Boston, Massachusetts. He made his professional debut in July 1960.

For the next decade, Thatcher worked many territories, and was known for his technical wrestling prowess, and the highest flying dropkick of the time. He won several regional singles and tag team championships. In 1974, Thatcher began to host and produce Southeastern Championship Wrestling. He continued his broadcasting duties for such companies as Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling, Georgia Championship Wrestling, and Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

In the late 80s, Thatcher became interested in bodybuilding, and he also had a hand in the building and managing of two Cincinnati area gyms between 1987-94. During this time he took his interest in bodybuilding to the professional level, and in fourteen contests, he placed first in five, and in both second and third three times each.

Starting in 1995, Thatcher opened “Les Thatcher’s Main Event Pro Wrestling Camp,” and also began to promote shows under the Heartland Wrestling Association banner. After Brian Pillman’s untimely death in October 1997, Thatcher and HWA promoted the successful “Brian Pillman Memorial Shows.”

As a trainer, Thatcher has trained and graduated the following notable names: Dean Ambrose, Charlie Haas, Nigel McGuinness, BJ Whitmer, Umaga, Johnny Stamboli, Jimmy Yang, Shark Boy, Chad Collyer, Jamie Noble, Shannon Moore, and Elix Skipper. HWA was also a WWE Developmental territory for a time, from the late 90s to the mid-00s.

In 1999 Thatcher was immortalized in the MTV True Life series, as a part of the episode “I Want to Be a Pro Wrestler.” He began to take part in the world of wrestling audio on a program called “Wrestling Weekly” with Doc Young in 2005. That show is now available as part of a subscription audio feature on, and Les also does shows on Last but certainly not least, Thatcher is also on the board of the prestigious Cauliflower Alley Club.

Les Thatcher has dipped his toe in every facet of the pro wrestling world; in ring competition, broadcasting, training, announcing, magazine publications, promoting, and podcasting. He is well known for his no nonsense training abilities, and is so well renowned, WWE chose his school and promotion as one of their first developmental systems. As stated earlier, he is also a champion bodybuilder, and an expert in physical fitness.

He is coming to the Monster Factory to impart the wisdom he has incurred in his five plus decades in the wrestling business. For just $150, pro wrestlers of any experience level can spend the weekend with this pro wrestling legend, a man who has thrived in and survived every change in the wrestling landscape since 1960.

This is the perfect chance to take that next step & advancing your career in pro wrestling!

This is the perfect chance to take that next step & advancing your career in pro wrestling!

The $150 fee will include not only the once in a lifetime opportunity to train and learn with Mr. Thatcher for three days, but it can include lodging at the Monster Factory for those travelling from out of town (and who have references.) If anyone is flying into Philadelphia, rides from the airport to The Monster Factory may be available. Also, The Monster Factory has air conditioning, showers, and ample room for all.

The Friday session will include a Q & A at 6 PM sharp. Saturday and Sunday’s training sessions will run from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, ensuring that if any of the attendees have local bookings, they will have plenty of time to make them once the sessions end. There is another added bonus; exposure for all who attend, as the highlights of these training sessions will be airing on the Monster Factory’s Roku channel, which will launch in the fall!

For those interested in reserving a spot (which are quickly filling) and attending, further information is available in the following ways:

Please visit

Email or

Call Monster Factory Owner/Head Trainer Danny Cage at 609-471-7904

Call the Monster Factory at 856-423-2212

The Monster Factory is located at 541 Mantua Avenue, in Paulsboro, New Jersey.


Monster Factory Report: Interview with Mike Spanos

spanos twitter


Interview with Michael Spanos

By Joseph Feeney III

Name: Michael Spanos

Height: 6”0

Weight: 210 lbs

Experience: 3 years

Promotions worked for: ECWA, Monster Factory Pro Wrestling, WXW C4, and LCW​

I had the honor today of conducting an interview with current up and coming wrestling star, Michael Spanos. Currently, Spanos is a member of “The Factory’s Finest” tag team with his partner Clutch Adams. Spanos & Adams currently hold double gold, as both the Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions, and the WXW C4 Tag Team Champions. They have a big match coming up September 20th, at The Monster Factory, vs. former WWF World Tag Team Champions, Mosh & Thrasher, TheHeadbangers. Mr. Spanos was kind enough to give me some time earlier today, to answer a few questions about himself, his career, his influences, and where he see his career going in the future.

Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions & WXW C4 Tag Team Champions! The Factory's Finest, Mike Spanos & Clutch Adams!

Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions & WXW C4 Tag Team Champions! The Factory’s Finest, Mike Spanos & Clutch Adams!

JF: Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for myself and the fans today, Mr. Spanos. I’ll throw the usual first question at you; Were you a fan of pro wrestling growing up?

MS: I was absolutely a fan as a young kid, as well as the biggest Sting fan ever. As I got into my teens, I became a huge fan of The Rock. But yes, I was a huge fan, and I used to watch with my father and my grandfather religiously.

JF: Nice! So when did you decide you actually wanted to make the jump from fan to in ring, and to pursue a career as a professional wrestler?

MS: Right out of high school. I started hitting the weights pretty hard in my junior and senior year of high school. I was always a string bean, probably around 150 lbs soaking wet. I didn’t really follow wrestling religiously in high school until my senior year. What really got me hooked again was watching Randy Orton. I loved his cocky ”Legend Killer” gimmick. The Cena vs. Edge feud and matches were great on top of that, and again I was hooked. My girlfriend at the time would watch it with me. One night, she pointed out the way I would light up watching it and suggested I look into a wrestling school. I took her advice and the rest is history.

JF: So what led you to The Monster Factory? Were there any other schools you contacted or visited?

MS: I didn’t exactly know what to do. So what do you do in that scenario? Of course, you google it! I googled best professional wrestling schools and the Factory was on the top of all the lists. It was the only school I contacted but after meeting owner/trainer Danny Cage I knew it was the right place to be.

JF: How as the training at first? Was it harder than you expected?

MS: It was different. Your body isn’t used to hitting cable ropes and landing directly on your back when you fall. It took a week or two before my body got used to it. It’s a different kind of soreness, than say, a good muscle workout. People compare wrestling to a mini car crash. It’s definitely a different experience that you can only understand if you actually give it a shot yourself. It’s addicting though, once you get into it, man.

JF: Throughout your years at the Factory, and in your indie shots, which one of your fellow wrestlers did you feel had the most natural ability?

MS: The most natural ability? QT Marshall, hands down! He can make anything look like it just happened. Something that could take someone a long time trying to perfect, the guy can just do. And that’s pretty much with everything, in the ring and on the microphone. The guy is just talented and it comes easy to him. So I’d say he’s the best… Aside from myself of course! “The best unsigned talent around!”

JF: No argument there! So, other than your trainers at the Factory, who have you come across who has taught you the most?

MS: There are a lot of guys that have helped me. QT Marshall, Mike Reed, and Luis Martinez are older graduates at the Factory but always give me great advice and constructive criticism consistently. It goes a long way and means a lot to me personally, as well that they’d be willing to give back to the younger guys. It shows a lot of class. Also Big Joe Gibson has helped me a lot. He’s been around longer than me and always has ideas and advice for me. Right now we’ve been doing things with Ring of Honor and Delirious, or Hunter as I know him. He has also been so helpful and insightful as well as Kevin Kelly, who is a great guy. Also I can’t leave out my brother and former tag team partner and current NXT star Steve Cutler. I talk to him almost every day on the phone and he’s always got advice and he is always willing to help. I’m a lucky guy!

JF: You mentioned Sting and The Rock earlier, but who is your all-time favorite? One of those guys, or someone else?

MS: That’s a loaded question, because so many things go into it. As a kid, Sting by far. That was my guy. The Rock as I got older, and even today. I respect the hell out of him for literally changing the game and taking it to heights never before reached. But that being said,while studying wrestling as a student now, there are a lot of influences. Triple H, Ric Flair, Rick Rude, Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker, Austin, Scott Hall. It’s hard to just say one guy when you love wrestling. I’m even leaving out Chris Jericho.

JF: What about in today’s wrestling? Who are your current favorites to watch, whether it be guys on TV, international talent, indie guys, etc.?

MS: I recently became a huge fan of Prince Devitt. Then WWE picked him up which I thought was awesome! I love watching Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Cesaro, Adrian Neville and Seth Rollins.

JF: You are currently a tag team champion for both the Monster Factory and WXW C4, alongside Clutch Adams as “The Factory’s Finest.” How did you guys start teaming?

MS: That kid is another natural. We clicked well in training and have similar looks. Danny Cage told us we would be teaming because he wanted the Factory to have more tag teams. We were both babyfaces at the time and he only had like one match under his belt. It is kind of like a big brother and little brother connection we have. We look out for one another and always give each other feedback and advice. But we get along really well. He’s a fresh 21 years of age and super hungry.

He’s very respectful and willing to learn. I relate a lot to him because he has a similar problem I had. When people see him they automatically think he’s an asshole or a douche bag, because he’s a good looking kid in great shape. But he’s not who he portrays, just like I’m not. I think a lot of people think I’m an asshole until they get to know me. QT Marshall actually told me that in the beginning.

JF: You guys are definitely a great tag team. The match I saw with AC ROC was a lot of fun to watch, just a great match. So, what would you consider your greatest victory as a singles wrestler? How about as a tag team wrestler?

MS: Greatest victory as a singles wrestler is tough. I don’t do a lot of singles wrestling as of late. The best part of my career so to speak has been in tags so far. So I’d have to say wrestling Greywolf or LSG (Leon St. Giovanni) has been my favorite singles match memory, because I respect them as my peers so much. Another highlight was getting to wrestle one of my trainers William Wiles (Bill Wiles, Bilvis Wesley) in a singles match. He’s one of my mentors and it was a privilege.But I think I would have to say, overall, my favorite and best singles match was against QT Marshall. I wasn’t victorious but it meant a lot to me, to know I could hang with someone as talented as him and have a damn good match as well. It was a very proud moment for me.

As far as a tag team win, definitely The Headbangers.

JF: What advice would you give anyone who is thinking about stepping through the Monster Factory’s doors to begin training?

MS: It’s a mini Performance Center. It’s the premier school to train at. I’d tell the people thinking about it to take it seriously! You get back what you put into it. If you just want to wrestle so you can say you do it to friends and stuff, it may not be the place for you. We are all hungry and want to get signed and become major players in this business. So if those are you goals than you have found your Mecca.

JF: Ok, so say that tomorrow, you had the ability to wrestle a main event match, in the middle of Madison Square Garden, and you had the ability to choose any opponent that you want. Who would you choose?

MS: I’d shoot for the stars and I’d go John Cena. He’s the best wrestler on the planet. People might laugh at that, because the smart marks want to use insider terms and say he’s not a good worker etc. He’s been a main event competitor for 10 years and counting. No one draws money like Cena. Every kid has the hat, the shirts and the wristbands. You want to become something in this business you go through him. He is the top dog, without question.

The fact is, he is wrestling. The sexy answer is to say a guy who is known for being an amazing hand, like a CM Punk or Ziggler, but I’m a business man first. I’d have to say Cena, with Orton a close second. It would be Spanos vs. Cena in the Garden, and I’d heel the shit out of him!

JF: Where would you like to see yourself in five years? Ten years?

MS: In five years I’d love to see myself climbing the ladder in the WWE, leaving my stamp on the business and making myself a household name. In ten years I’d like to see myself headlining Wrestlemania against one of my former tag team partners, Steve Cutler or Clutch Adams. How sick would that be you know? Surreal. But my main goal is, I want to take the business back to its glory days. I want to help make wrestling mainstream again. I want to help revolutionize the sport like The Rock and Austin before me.

JF: Next month, on September 20th at the Monster Factory, The Factory’s Finest defend their Tag Team Championship against former WWF World Tag Team Champions, The Headbangers. You have been in the ring with them before. How do you feel about the wily veterans getting another shot against yourself and Clutch Adams?

MS: Like my Cena comments before, I understand business. To steal Triple H’s phrase, what’s best for business? The hot new kids on the block, no pun intended, vs the fan favorite legends. I totally get it and embrace it. It will only help Clutch and myself pad our impressive resumes in my opinion. Love

JF: Thanks a lot for your time Mr. Spanos!

MS: No problem at all.


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The three day camp will utilize all stations at the Monster Factory. The wrestling ring. The weight room. The amateur mats.

This is the perfect chance to take that next step & advancing your career in pro wrestling!

This is the perfect chance to take that next step & advancing your career in pro wrestling!

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Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Returns on July 19th


Monster Factory Pro Wrestling returns to the world famous Monster Factory in Paulsboro, New Jersey on July 19th! 

We start off with a challenge! The dangerous group or militia if you will of Joe Gibson, WAR, Major McClendon with Claudia will be facing The Monster Ahtu, Good News Hughes, and Luis “The Punisher” Martinez! This match is no normal match! If Martinez and company win, Good News Hughes will get a shot at Major McClendon’s Super Sonic Title and Luis Martinez gets a chance to face Joe Gibson once again for his Heavyweight Championship! Both championship matches will take place that night if they are able to win! But if Joe Gibson and his militia win, Tim Hughes and Martinez will no longer be able to wrestle for any championships held by the militia!


BREAKING: Marc Cruz has left pro wrestling for personal reasons. Thus Shaheem Ali is forced to defend the tag team titles alone against The Factory’s Finest!

the factorys finest

Benchmark Bill Daly will also be facing Ricky Martinez!


In action as well is Dijak, Mikey Webb, & The Blood Bound Warriors plus so much more!!!



Billy Damiana makes his Monster Factory Pro Wrestling debut on Saturday. We also got word that another wrestler will be making his debut as well. Not much is known about this mystery man other than he will be at the Monster Factory on Saturday, July 19th.


A Super Sonic Scramble match is slated for July 19th. Francis Kip Stevens vs Mikey Webb vs Alverado vs Mystery Opponent. This match is for a shot at the Super Sonic Championship on August 16th!

Ryan Rush, Nate Francis, Michael Burke & so much more!!!!


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Don’t forget…that if you purchase a ticket to our July 19th show, you can then return to the Monster Factory on July 20th to watch the WWE PPV for FREE! That is right. You can watch the PPV at the world famous Monster Factory for FREE plus you get the chance to watch with some of your favorite wrestlers of Monster Factory Pro Wrestling! Doors for both events open at 6pm!