They Want You To Fail

They want you to fail. Just get used to it. In professional wrestling you will run into all kinds of people. In my experiences I have found they fall into a few categories. I will give you a short list of possible people you will encounter and the way you should deal with all of […]

Repetition Breeds Habit

 This is the first entry into little idea I had running around in my head. A way to connect with those currently training with us and prospective trainees. It will serve two purposes. To help others understand what we do and the second is quite selfish. I feel this will act as a sort of […]

The MFPW 6-17-17 Results 

Brett Domino & Charlie Locke vs. Just Jeremy Jensen & Anthony Catena: This Making the Monsters Youtube Exclusive was on Lockdown as Charlie Locke and Brett Domino got the win over Anthony Catena and Just Jeremy Jensen in tag team action.  Chad Kensington vs. Nick Comoroto: The Freakbeast had to contend with not only Chad […]

The MFPW Rundown for This Saturday! 

Nick Comoroto vs. Chad Kensington: Fresh off of losing The MF Live Championship, the Freakbeast sets his sights on one half of Paid in Full, Chad Kensington!  The “Hottest Faction in Professional Wrestling” has cooled off in terms of victories as of late.  Can Kensington turn things around solo? Dobbs (w/ Rocco) vs. Josh Briggs […]