I am sure you all have heard it before. “It’s a money grab!” Easy way to say someone is attempting to rip you off and usually used to describe camps/seminars. 

   You will hear about how you won’t learn anything there. How you can only really learn working matches in front of a live crowd. Only “marks” attend them. The list goes on and on. This is the major problem with professional wrestling. Bad advice by people who are in no position to give advice. Doctors attend camps and seminars. In some cases they are required to and also are required to remain certified. Could you imagine a young would be Doctor taking advice from the person who sells equipment to the hospitals or works in the gift shop? No. Me neither. Plumbers, electricians, attorneys, etc … all attend camps and seminars for their profession. None of them are called “marks” for going to “money grabs” or shamed for doing so. 

  Should I even adress why so many people frown on camps? Sure. Why not?

Number 1. These opportunities were not around when most “vets” were breaking in. As a matter of fact, pro wrestling schools were really unheard of. Instead guess how people learned? They rode with someone who was in the business, carried their bags, paid for meals, gas, set up for show, and a whole laundry list of other things… all for a chance to maybe, just maybe get in the ring that day or night. Even a further shot… get booked! 

Number 2. They currently “train” students and do not want their training or lack there of being exposed. So instead of being exposed they will tell their students that it’s all a “work” and to save their money. 

Number 3. Fear. Much easier to drive 5 hours, to wait 4 hours, to wrestle 5 minutes. Plus way more glamorous. You can post pictures and videos of you and the boys making the towns. Post it all over social media. Also be sure to not post anything prior to the road trip. It’d be strange to actually promote yourself and the show you’re going to be on. Just be sure to post travel pics and hang out pics later. After all, you made it. Right? Wrong. All of that is much easier than showing up to a camp or seminar and learning, working, growing, networking and possibly making that breakthrough needed. Can you have a breakthrough wrestling on a show? Absolutely. The thing to keep in mind is there are shows almost every day of the week within 5 hours of most people. Not so with camps and seminars. So when you have the chance to do a camp/seminar you jump at it. 

Number 4. I will stop here. I could go on for days of why people shit on camps and seminars. So what I will do next is speakon the positives of camps/seminars and what I’ve learned…..that is in Part 2 coming soon!