Brett Domino & Charlie Locke vs. Just Jeremy Jensen & Anthony Catena: This Making the Monsters Youtube Exclusive was on Lockdown as Charlie Locke and Brett Domino got the win over Anthony Catena and Just Jeremy Jensen in tag team action.

 Chad Kensington vs. Nick Comoroto: The Freakbeast had to contend with not only Chad Kensington inside the ring, but Royal Money on the outside!  However, a well placed Nevermind Spear led to the victory, but Paid in Full got the last word in, double teaming Comoroto after the match.

 Red Scorpion and Plunkett the Ogre vs. Mike Burke and Bender: Burke and Bender’s struggles to get on the same page were temporarily on hold, but didn’t carry over to this match as they not only fought the Red Scorpion and Plunkett the Ogre, but also each other!  Scorpion ended up pinning Burke for the win, perhaps vaulting the team from Middle Earth back into the Tag Team Title picture.  
 Sage Matthews vs. Nick Westgate vs. Corey Hyena Hexx: The Middleweight Division was electric with this triple threat turmoil between Hyena Hexx, Sage Matthews, and Nick Westgate.  In the end, the nod went to Westgate,as his Silver City Splash put the Hyena away.

 The Money and the Miles (Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara) vs. Primal Fear for The MFPW Tag Team Championship: It was a melee of masks as Primal Fear challenged the Money and the Miles for The MFPW Tag Team Championship.  Fallah Bahh wore a panda mask in the early going, while Bokara wore a mask resembling a very popular video game plumber…in the end, the Piggyback Splash made the difference, as the champions continued their roll in the Tag Team division. After the match Mario Bokara issued a challenge to Punishment Martinez and any partner he chooses! 
 Dobbs (w/ Rocco) vs. Josh Briggs (w/ Rico de la Vega): The bad blood between managers Rocco and Rico de la Vega continued to boil as their respective proteges Dobbs and Josh Briggs did battle.  The action was back and forth, but as the 6’7″ Beast gained the advantage, Dobbs literally and figuratively took the low road, hitting Briggs below the belt for the disqualification. Dobbs & Rocco would later leave Rico De La Vega in the ring unconscious. 
 Joey “Diesel” Daddiego vs. Lucas “Twitch” Disangro: The Diesel power was too much for the young Twitch to handle, as the ROH Star’s Daddiego Valley Driver secured the win.

Mikey Webb vs. Royal Money for The MFPW Heavyweight Championship: Mikey Webb’s reign as The MFPW Heavyweight Champion looked to be in jeopardy as he faced the hard hitting Royal Money of Paid in Full.  Two officials were downed during the contest, leading to interference by Royal’s tag team partner Chad Kensington.  But the Freakbeast Nick Comoroto earned a measure of revenge from earlier in the night, laying out the King of Camden and allowing Webb to retain with the pinfall victory.
 The MFPW returns on 7-1-17 and stay tuned for signed matches! Tickets are on sale now and are buy one get one free!