Nick Comoroto vs. Chad Kensington: Fresh off of losing The MF Live Championship, the Freakbeast sets his sights on one half of Paid in Full, Chad Kensington!  The “Hottest Faction in Professional Wrestling” has cooled off in terms of victories as of late.  Can Kensington turn things around solo?

Dobbs (w/ Rocco) vs. Josh Briggs (w/ Rico de la Vega): Both men have fallen short in recent weeks challenging for The MFPW Heavyweight Championship!  A win here could vault either competitor back into the title picture!  Plus the action could be as intense outside of the ring as well as inside, as managers Rocco and Rico have had bad blood as of late!  

Burke & Bender vs. Middle Earth (Plunkett the Ogre & Red Scorpion): Burke and Bender attained their first cohesive victory at the last event, defeating Rex Lawless in a handicap match.  Can they take that momentum to the Tag Team Division?  Meanwhile, Middle Earth most recently defeated #1 contenders Primal Fear.  Could a win propel them to another title shot?

Corey “Hyena” Hexx vs. Sage Matthews vs. Nick Westgate: This triple threat Middleweight Division match is sure to excite with non-stop action!  Hexx and Matthews have a history as opponents and partners, with former The MF Live Champion Matthews getting the head-to-head victory each time.  Meanwhile, the former Supersonic Champion Westgate is looking to get back into the championship picture following a victory over Twitch.

Joey Daddiego vs. Twitch: The former Ring of Honor Head of Security makes his debut at The MFPW against the unpredictable Twitch!  Can Twitch out-quick the powerhouse to get back in the win column?  Will Twitch welcome Wild Bill Wiles back to his side following his solo loss to Nick Westgate?

The Money and the Miles (Mario Bokara & Fallah Bahh) vs. Primal Fear (Matt Omen & Gabriel) for The MFPW Tag Team Championship: The Money and the Miles have been on a roll since winning The MFPW Tag Team Titles last fall!  But this is the first time they’ve faced Primal Fear, who defeated The Classics at the last event to earn the championship opportunity!  Can the men from the Savage Lands capture the gold?

Mikey Webb vs. Royal Money for The MFPW Heavyweight Championship: The King of Camden has the chance to ascend to the throne of The MFPW!  But standing in his way is one of the most decorated champions in the history of The MFPW in Mikey Webb!  Webb endured a hard-fought title defense last time against 6’7″ of Josh Briggs; will Royal Money be able to capitalize?

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