They want you to fail. Just get used to it. In professional wrestling you will run into all kinds of people. In my experiences I have found they fall into a few categories. I will give you a short list of possible people you will encounter and the way you should deal with all of them.  

1. The ones that want you to fail. These people just might be “friends”, family, or complete strangers. They see you doing something that is super important to you and difficult to pull off so they are only happy if you fail. Whether blatant or passive aggressive it does not matter. You failing is the only way they will be happy. If not, they were wrong and people like this hate to be wrong. 

 How to deal with them? First off, don’t call them haters. You’ll sound like a child. Next piece of advice….don’t use it as fuel. You should not want anything negative, in and around you. If you need motivation by this type of people then you’re doing it for the wrong reason. Also do not try to engage with them or argue about how you will make it. Best proof is by putting in the work. Besides, you should be too busy to argue. Just put in that work. You might win them over. Even when you do win them over, never say, “I told you I’d make it.” Never brag. Always be humble. Be the person others would depend on while at the same time being the one they’d help in a moment’s notice. 

2. The ones that say they support you and are by your side….until there is nothing in it for them and then they are gone. What is that all about? In my many years of doing this plus talking to others that have I began to see a trend. You get that call, that text, that email, that random visit. Somebody wants to tell you how awesome you are for taking that leap. That they have your back. That they will be there if you need them. That they’d like to help you any way they can. They also tell you they aren’t looking for a job or even pay. They are just there to help. Then fast forward maybe a year or so. Maybe even a few weeks. Now they want to know why they aren’t a bigger part of things. Why they aren’t making money. When in reality you are barely getting by and you live this life 24/7. Them? When they have free time. 

 How to deal with them? This one is tough. Do you want to not trust someone who just wants to help you? Yes. Simple answer is yes. If this person is your friend or a true asset or a wolf in sheep’s clothing you don’t have to tell them that you don’t trust them. That never works out. But what you can do is put in the work and never ask them to do anything you’re not doing. From time to time let them know how much you appreciate them having your back. That goes a long way if they are truly by your side for noble reasons. Be careful what you confide in them. It just may come back to burn you when/if they decide to bail on you. Because if that does happen, they need a reason(s) to tell other people why they were at your side before and why they aren’t now. If they tell the truth, “I was just sticking around hoping to get in on the ground floor of a million dollar cash cow” they’d look like assholes. Much easier to bury you then expose themselves as frauds. 

3. The ones that hope you’ll succeed. These people are the best. They see you working your ass off and not only are they excited about that but they also are drawn to you and motivated by you. You begin to thrive off of one another’s energy. The hustle. The grind. The passion. Words that so many love to throw around. Only problem is most do not know what it is exactly. It is not doing things in your spare time. It is doing things no matter what. What ever it takes to reach your goal. Someone standing in your way? Someone talking shit? They have your back. You have each other’s back. Whether it be others in professional wrestling or just friends and family. Real recognizes real. 

3. How to deal with them. At first be cautious (keep this to yourself. See above) But once you come to know that these people are legit…you treat them like gold. They call. You answer. You look out for them. Like you’re in a gang. Nobody runs them down. This is your crew. If down the road this thing gets bigger, they are the ones to surround yourself with. 

4. The ones that supported you but now you lost them. When you started this journey you were all about it. Never missed a workout. Ate clean. Made every training session. Showed up early and last to leave. While you did this nobody close to you would dare to ask you to miss a workout or a training session. Then you began to get comfortable and started taking your foot off the gas pedal. Your friends and family took notice of this and are now expecting you to blow off training for them. 

 How to deal with them? It was never about them. It was about you. You screwed up. You lost focus. If you were all about this life. This dream. This passion. Nobody would bother asking you to miss anything connected to it because they’d know the answer would be no. So best way to fix it is to never slack off. That is on you. 

 Professional Wrestling is a wonderful sport and business. There will be times you are frustrated and angry. Times when you will be happy and content as well. Support from peers and others while very important should also not be depended on to get you through this difficult journey. You will be setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Because in the end, everyone wants you to fail. So do this for you. Nobody else will really understand why you are doing this. The reason you do this will be unique to you. Do this for you. 


 You got this. Thanks for reading. 

 Danny Cage