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Monster Factory trainers "Wild" Bill Wiles & The Blue Meanie along with owners & trainer Danny Cage & "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe

Monster Factory trainers “Wild” Bill Wiles & The Blue Meanie along with owners & trainer Danny Cage & “Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe

“Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe and “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers started a wrestling school together in 1983. It later turned into The Monster Factory under Larry Sharpe’s exclusive ownership. “Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe’s Monster Factory is now owned by Larry Sharpe’s protegé, Danny Cage.

“Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe’s Monster Factory is located at 541 Mantua Ave in Paulsboro, New Jersey 08066. This is no warehouse! This is a training facility!


The weight room that Monster Factory students will have access to is right down the hall from the ring….and a sauna room as well! No other pro wrestling school has that!


The Monster Factory has become the world’s most famous wrestling school, with good reason. Being featured in Rolling Stone, News Week and The Wall Street Journal quickly became regular occurrences for Larry Sharpe and his Monster Factory. The schools list of notable graduates reads like a virtual who’s who in the world of pro wrestling. King Kong Bundy, Kevin Von Erich, The Pit Bulls, Raven, The Big Show, The Godfather, D Lo Brown, The Headbangers, Domino, Chris Candido, and Sheamus just to name a few.



This site will be a big part of the future. This site is going to be interactive. We will have a section for suggestions, questions and comments. This will be where the fans, students and would be students can voice their opinion. This site will be monitored 24-7 and any questions will be answered promptly. Also feel free to email us at MonsterFactoryTV@gmail.com

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


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